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Created To Serve 2019

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

This has been the beginning of an amazing year. Created to Serve received a Platinum Seal for transparency through GuideStar. This is the highest level and our metrics showed that we are doing what we proposed to do. Our staff (volunteers) has also completed many of the activities that support our programs. Presently, we have completed the following: took stuffed purses to Gateway Rescue Mission for the homeless women who are not yet in a shelter, continued to teach/discuss Independent Living and Social Skills to the women at Matt's House, and also provided paper products to the shelter, bought personal garments for the Jackson Public School Homeless Program, and donated school supplies to the Jackson Medical Mall for their Jump Start Event. The children at Matt's House participated in Arts & Crafts and received assistance with reading. Created to Serve also made their contribution to the Hair Fund at Sunnybrook Children's Home

to assist the children with their self-esteem.

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