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Created to Serve offers various services designed to meet some of the immediate needs of disadvantaged women, children, and families in the community to reach their potential. We aim to accomplish this through education, problem-solving, group discussion, making referrals, and mentoring.

Supplying School Uniforms and School Supplies

Providing Personal Care Items and Garments


Facilitating Seminars on Social/Living Skills

  • Goal Setting

  • Communication Skills

  • Maintaining Job Stability

  • Budgeting

  • Self-Esteem

  • Healthy Habits

  • Coping Skills

Providing a Mentoring program 

  • Discussing relevant topic

  • Participating in topic-related activities

  • Promoting good citizenship and work habits


Providing and Locating Resources and Making Referrals

Discussing and Writing

  • Your Resume

Assisting with Short-Term Problem-Solving

  • Psychosocial Education

Providing Special Services

  • Monetary Donations

  • Stuffed Purses


We have formed partnerships with many organizations to provide short-term supportive services. A few of our partnerships include:


Dress for Success

The Salvation Army

Habitat for Humanity

World Vision

Mississippi Food Network

Canopy Children's Solutions

Stewpot Community Services

Flowers House

Lizzie’s House

Matt’s House

The Wingard House

Gateway Rescue Mission

Jackson Public School District Homeless Program

Better Together Commission

Sunnybrook Children’s Home

Several Local churches

"Because of your thoughtful contributions, we are able to continue to fulfill the needs of the abused and neglected children entrusted to our care. Thanks for helping the girls feel better about themselves."

--Robert L. Salley, Ph.D. Executive Director, Sunnybrook Children’s Home. Inc.

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