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Our mission is to meet some of the immediate needs of disadvantaged women, children, and families in the community to reach their potential. We aim to do this through education, problem-solving, group discussion, making referrals, and mentoring.


"Stewpot would like to thank Created to Serve for their generous gift.  Your committment to helping the homeless in our community is sincerely appreicated."

--Rev. Frank Spencer, Executive Director, Stewpot Community Services


We envision a more seamless coordinated system of care where individuals can receive assistance and transition to the next level. We believe that children should have what they need to make school enjoyable. We believe that their parents should have access to good paying jobs. We also believe that families should be able to reside in vibrant, thriving communities in affordable housing.


"We are appreciative of our partnership with Created to Serve in receiving Life Skill Classes for our clients at Matt’s House Homeless Shelter for women and families."

--Jackie Jones, Director, Matt’s House


Created to Serve's initial meeting was held on 01/30/2011 and we became incorporated on 09/13/2012. The Internal Revenue Service in 01/15/2014 informed us that we now have a non-profit 501(c)(3) status.


We have been planning and strategizing in Jackson, Crystal Springs, and Clinton communities. We are mobile and go to the community. Therefore, ensuring that over 90% of our funds received are spent on our projects.


"Your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness for the students of Jackson Public Schools are unwavering. Thanks for the uniforms, school supplies, personal care items and boys and girls personal garments.


The PALS (Homeless) Program has always been a champion of students in ensuring that they are prepared for school and our global society. With your support and generosity, we are able to place a smile on the face of many students who are eager to learn. The assistance of supporters like yourselves enable Jackson Public Schools to provide a more comprehensive service to our students and community."

--Dr’s Abby Webley, Carri Pillers, Executive Director, Federal Programs Division, Jackson Public School District


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