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Created to Serve 2022

During 2022 many businesses learned to co-exist with the pandemic. Also, some of the restrictions were lifted. Created to Serve (CTS) members worked on fortifying the nonprofit in case of another major disruption. Due to the above, two of our programs are now housed in buildings that have longevity, and their programs have been in existence for many decades.

CTS members also wanted to continue to provide services to residents in a shelter. We are still doing the above, but meeting in a separate building from the residents. There is also a barrier in the meeting room which preserves social distancing. This particular shelter services more men. Previously, we worked at a shelter that housed women. Therefore, we tweaked our curriculum and had three male Guest Speakers in 2022.

Members of CTS started visiting this shelter on March 8, 2022, as part of our Independent Living/

Social Skills Program. We discussed an array of topics and provided handouts on each one. We also spoke and provided information on topics that the residents requested. On 12/13/2022, we

provided information on free medical insurance through Blue Cross & Shield. Each resident was

provided with an information packet, and their questions were answered. They were also provided with the telephone number of a contact person.

From March 8, 2022, through December 13, 2022, we have had two hundred and thirty-eight contact visits with the residents. However, these are not unique visits as some of the residents are

allowed to reside in the shelter longer due to their specific circumstances. There are others who reside long enough to become employed and save enough money to move out.

CTS launched its Mentoring Program on February 16, 2022. The name of this program is, These R our Children. The curriculum was written for ages 12-18. We worked with girls from middle school to graduation. During the first semester, forty-three girls participated in this program.

During 2022, CTS members continued to work with the Jackson Public School Homeless Program.

Staff from the above program requested specific items for the females, and we delivered those items. There is another program closely related to the above program that JPS has partnered with. We are exploring the possibility of working with this program as we would be able to provide more assistance to the students.

2022 was an amazing year!! We were stretched but continued to provide services. We fortified and tweaked our programs. We continued to have faith and believed in our mission. According to

First Corinthians 3:6 Paul planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. God is faithful and truly amazing!

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