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Created to Serve 2023

2023 was an amazing year! The nonprofit is running smoothly. We honored our mission and remained active in the community. Most of our information is on our business page. However, I will list a few accomplishments made during the year.

-maintained our platinum status regarding transparency

-Our 990 was prepared by a certified tax preparer. We no longer use the postcards.

-voted to increase our membership dues

-We prepared an exhibition table for The Taste of West Jackson event which was sponsored by the

Refill Cafe. We displayed cups, pens, bags, and brochures with our logo.

-attended a conference sponsored by another organization due to being on travel status when

The Alliance Conference was held at the convention center

-attended "She's on Board" Conference and made one adjustment

-Our Leadership Roster has finally changed due to my persistence.

-continued to participate in webinars by Urban Awareness

-We partnered with the American Red Cross regarding the tornadoes in the Delta area and sent a

monetary donation. This falls under our Special Services Program.

-We collaborated with another agency and delivered coats and gloves to the children of incarcerated parents. This falls under our Cover Me Program. Presently, we are working with a

different segment of the population.

-Our Independent Living/Social Skills Program is thriving. We have a total of one hundred and sixty-eight contact visits for this year. We continued to discuss different topics and elicited feedback from the group members regarding topics they had an interest in. We also had three guest speakers during the year.

-We also provided personal care items and garments to the above program group members. This

facilitated the members feeling comfortable in the group, and enhanced their self-esteem as they sought employment.

-We are looking forward with expectancy to two specific projects in the coming year.

-We are also open to what God has for us next!!!

Lucille G. Cockerham, LCSW

Executive Director

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