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Created to Serve 2021

The year 2021 was a continuation of 2020. Covid 19 was still present along with the Delta and Omicron Variants. Needless to say, Created to Serve (CTS) could not deliver many direct services.

However, we still served the community as the Covid restrictions allowed us to do so.

Members of Created to Serve did meet with our contact regarding the Mentoring Program. Our contact gave us a tour of the facility. During that time their Teen Center was being renovated. We

were to meet the children that Summer. However, the Covid cases continued to rise. Later, only the middle school and High School Students attended school. Virtual Learning was provided for the younger students. Presently, a vaccine has been developed for elementary and younger students.

We engaged in an array of activities. Members of CTS continued to work with the Jackson Public School Homeless Program. We met with the new director and Social Worker now assigned to the program which will assist with accountability. The Social Worker will make direct referrals to us. We delivered the larger-sized personal garments as requested. We also partnered with a local church and the Salvation Army to deliver needed supplies to Hurricane Ida's victims. We delivered a check to the Salvation Army to assist with stocking their Food Pantry which was depleted due to the many disasters experienced throughout the year. Finally, we also honored our pledge to Sunnybrook Children's Home which falls under our Sef-Esteem Program.

Created to Serve became a member of Urban Awareness whose goal is to assist nonprofits. Many webinars were watched, and we attended several virtual meetings. We were pleased with the number of grants we received this year. Our goal is to keep the Mentoring Program at the forefront and work something out with the shelter since we cannot physically be there. Appointments have already been made regarding the above. We remain hopeful and reaching forward with great expectancy!!!

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